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Answer key for Athenaze (2nd ed.) English-to-Greek exercises

I'm brushing up on my Greek this summer because it's been a decade since I took Greek prose composition. When I taught high-school Latin, my ability to speak, listen, and read in Latin increased radically, and the Greek side of me is jealous! Greek nerds say that Athenaze may be the best English textbook for learning ancient Greek, so I'm reading it. It is enjoyable to read the simple stories about Dikaiopolis and his little farm. The hardest part of the book is the English sentences that you have to translate into Greek. When I taught Latin, I stressed translating into Latin because it reinforces everything you're learning. I should say, though, that according to research in second-language acquisition, listening in the target language is the most crucial element, more important than speaking (or writing). And of course the book devotes far more time to reading the stories in Greek than translating into Greek. Because writing Greek is hard, I'm typing my answers an

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