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New Vatican document on gender, explained and critiqued

Yesterday the Congregation for Catholic Education, a dicastery of the Roman curia, released a little document that is generating much controversy. It is on the hot-button topic of gender and transgenderism, entitled "Male and Female He Created Them" (Gen 1:27c). Let's take a look.

What's the bottom line?
The bottom-line, main statement of the document is a re-affirmation of the fundamental Catholic understanding of sexuality, namely that God made the human race into male and female genders as a "constitutive" part of humanity's essential nature (Gen 1:27). The reason is so that a man and woman can come together in marriage, a relationship aimed at both the loving communion of the spouses with each other (and with God) and procreation. The two genders thus complement each other. This aspect of the document should not surprise anyone familiar with the Catholic understanding of sexuality. It's very old news.

Correlatively, the document rejects the idea …

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